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Have a great weekend...Have a great weekend...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Morning all,

Saturday Morning, the weather is amazing. I took the kids out for a 2 hour walk.
You know that spring is here once you step out of the house and you see that:

My son spent the whole day out side running and playing, not even one nap.Good for him, not so sure about us Parents. 

So after a day like that who wants to slave over a hot stove ?
At 5 pm, Hagai (my husband ) started thinking about dinner and getting a bit frustrated that its Passover and their is nothing to eat. So i started thinking ... we need light and filling dinner that wont take an hour to make.
So i started combining ingredients and this is what we ended with:
Savory Matzo Pancakes 
Home made Rice Pudding

20 minutes later and this is what we got!

Like ?

Recipes to follow, We wish you all a great weekend.

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