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Friday, March 26, 2010

My Challa Bread

Hi All,


So here we are again, this time I don't have a childhood story to tell you about how I started making this bread, But I hope one day my kids will be able to share it with their loved ones.


Don't really remember how or why I started making this brad, maybe I wanted to challenge myself a bit or just furious about the price of the challa in the local bakery. Bottom line I did try, and I am not going to fool you all, the first few tries were a mess and went directly to the trashcan.



One day I came across a recipe, the winning one (I was so long ago that I don't even remember who to give credit for).

It's so simple and works every time... Just like magic. There is only one thing that can beat this smell on fresh baked challa bread (and I will tell you what it is later on- it's a promise).



3 ½ cups of flour (bread flour will be the best, if not then all p will be just fine)

¼ cup of warm water (110F)

1 Tablespoon of dry yeast

4 teaspoon sugar divided

¾ cup of warm milk / water

4 tablespoons of butter / margarine melted

½ teaspoon salt

2 eggs


Tablespoon of sesame seeds / poppy seeds

Egg wash



First we will start with the yeast mixture, we need to mix the yeast, ¼ cup of warm water and one teaspoon of water in a small bowl, let it sit for 5 min.

While yeast is sitting, combine the flour and remaining sugar in a mixer bowl, creating a hole in the middle – like shown in the picture.

Pure the yeast to the flour.



Using a mixer kneading attachment mix the dough for 2 min, and add the ¾ cup of milk / water with the melted butter.

Mix until combined. Start adding the eggs, one at a time.

At that point you will notice that the dough is formed, it should not be sticky. If still stick to the sided of the bowl, add more flour (one teaspoon at a time, remember you can always add more but you can't take back).


Salt should be added last.

Remove from the bowl and form into a ball.


Grease a large bowl and place the dough. Cover with plastic wrap and let it rest until double in size (it usually takes about 3 hours; you can also place overnight in the fridge).


Once the dough rose, punch in down (yes I said punch!).

Knead the dough and divide to two. Each half will be challa bread.

Now – how to braid it?

Each half will need to be divided to 3 equal (or somewhat equal). You will need to roll each one to a strap, and then place all 3 straps and off you go with the braiding.


 (here is my son,Ely, helping me  - you got to admit he is going a good job) 

Let the dough rise again until doubles in size.

Brush it with egg wash (one egg + one tablespoon of water)

Sprinkle the sesame seeds / poppy seeds.


Place in oven (middle) on 350F for about 30 min (until golden).


Now - like I promised, the only thing that is better than the fresh challa is ..

French toast made from Cinnamon challa .

I just flatten the dough and sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon, roll it to a loaf and let it rise...

Try it – you won't be disappointed, it's a promise!!


My dear friends, I wish you all a great weekend and Sabbath shalom









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Eli said...

טלי זו אמא פשוט גאוה גדולה והכשרון שמחמם לי את הלב שלי ושל אבא הכל נראה פשוט נפלא אני מחכה לעוד המון יצירות מאחלת לך חג פסח כשר המון בריאות ואושר לך ולחגיי אוהבים אותך ומתגעגעים נשיקות ללולי ולילי

Nissim said...


M m m m ....

You challa is making me hungry :).

Looks great and I it taste even better.

Looking forward for more of your excellent recepies.


Nissim said...

IMHO I think you should get a TV show and share all these with the public :).


Ravit said...

what's up with all the mushy..sensetive.. i am almost crying???? sis send me a large piece with lots of choclate in it - how is that for childhood...

You are the best in the west and your "Master oven" keeps treating your food and cakes like royalty :)
To make things short, you make me proud and mostly chubbyyyyyyyy... love ..sisi

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