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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Post ..

Hi all,
First time for me at a blog, before I even start let me introduce myself
My name is Tal (it’s the morning mist in Hebrew for all of you who are wondering). I am a young working mom of 2 cute kids.
Ely – an energetic 3 year old boy
Lily – a 9 month demanding baby girl
Married to Hagai. He is a privet banker.

I was born in Israel and came here a few years ago, so please excuse me if my English is not perfect.
So what is the purpose of this Blog?  If you are like me a working mom who comes back home at 6:00 pm for my other full time job, stressing out about juggling all those insane duties and surviving to tell  I am here for you girl!!!
Main thing is getting dinner at the table on reasonable time without worrying is it good? Is it somewhat healthy?  
Now I know about all the shows and websites out there, I think I had only one channel on TV when I was pregnant with Lily - if you guessed Food Network, you hit the jackpot!!!  
Hey - I was pregnant and food was (and still) is my thing!
I had my share of misshapes trying to cook different recipes from the Barefoot Contessa and even Rachel Ray … (embarrassing but it’s the truth).
So what do I do? You guess it– call mom in Israel and try to get some idea about the infinite question
What are we eating today?

So I will let you all in to my privet shrine, the one place where I find peace and quiet for at least 30 min a day  (well, wishful thinking ) and we will see if we can concur this thing with success.
Its kind’s like the movie Julie and Julia …

So Here we go and good luck to us all..
I Want to Print This


Nissim said...

Hi Sis,

Congratulations for your first blog.

Your english is impressive, funny and enjoyable for reading as always.

I am sure your blog is going to be a success.

I think the community just wan a great cook & an excellent baker ...

Good Luck


talital699 said...

Hi Nan,

Thank you.


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